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Hi there, I'm Abd 👋

I build data-driven web apps and automated scraping tools

I love breathing life into data, whether it's creating insightful visualizations or building automated pipelines.

Some of my favorite projects involve:

  • 🕸 Web scraping with NodeJS to extract hidden insights
  • 🤖 Integrating AI and machine learning to automate tasks
  • 📈 Building data analytics and crypto trading algorithms

On any given day, I'm likely:

  • 👨‍💻 Coding full-stack web apps with React and Node.js
  • 🔬 Experimenting with new algorithms and models
  • ⚛️ Playing with blockchain and NFT projects
  • 🧠 Learning something new! There's always more to explore

I thrive on creative collaboration 🤝

Let's chat over coffee ☕ or a game of chess ♟ if you're working on something interesting involving:

  • ⚒️ Data pipelines and infrastructure
  • 📊 Analytics and visualizations
  • 💱 Crypto, NFTs, and blockchain

I love connecting with other developers and creators. Don't hesitate to reach out! 😄

You can find me on Telegram @abd1rahmane

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